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Overseas business department carries out staff Consolation activities
Created time:2020-05-29

In order to firmly win the battle of overseas epidemic prevention, Qi Shijin, deputy general manager of overseas business department and regional director of northwest Africa, visited Algeria for consolation and heart talk with front-line managers and workers on the project under construction from May 15th to 17th.

In addition to the daily necessities, fruits, cans, instant noodles and other comforts for the front-line staff of the project, the company also sent sincere greetings to those who stayed on the front-line during the epidemic, and answered questions and doubts about the company's anti epidemic measures, anti-epidemic material reserves, recovery time of Algeria's flight, wage settlement and payment, and have a separate heart to heart exchange with some unstable emotions staff and workers

The effect of this consolation activity was obvious. The workers' Masters said that in such a serious situation, the company's leaders still went to the front line regardless of personal safety, so that everyone could feel the company's deep concern. Finally, Qi Shijin also said that the company will always make a unified deployment of this epidemic situation in accordance with the "wartime" state, and hoped that all of you will work together for the goal of "zero infection".

The consolation further strengthened the confidence of the project front-line staff in overcoming the epidemic situation, improved the political position of the project front-line staff, unified the ideological understanding of the project front-line staff, and laid the foundation for the thorough victory of the novel coronavirus epidemic situation in accordance with the work goal of "stabilizing the people's minds and stabilizing the local situation".