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CCTV International Reports on Technical Renovation Project of HBIS Serbia by MCC
Created time:2020-05-13

 On May 11th, CCTV International Channel CCTV-4 reported the successful transportation of the first batch of steel structural components for the Technical Renovation Project of HBIS Serbia from the MCC steel structure processing base to Serbia in news section China News and Global News. The video describes the struggling process of the staff of MCC to overcome the epidemic situation and ensure the successful delivery of the first batch of steel components by sea. In addition, Chongqing TV News Channel and Chongqing Daily also reported the whole event on May 10th and 11th.
Technical Renovation Project of HBIS Serbia implemented by MCC is a key project among "One Belt, One Road" projects, and it is also an important project in the requirement of "Three Stablization, Four Guarantees and One Enhancement" in the normalization of national epidemic prevention and control, as well as the resumption of production, which represents deep political meaning and profound influence. The project is to use the material supply facilities of the 4 existing sintering machine and carry out renovation. By repairing the main equipment of 4# 180 square meters sintering machine in the north area of Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and build one 180 square meters sintering machine in HBIS Smederevo, Serbia. It has an annual output of 1,782,000 tons of sinter, of which the total weight of steel structure is about 5,000 tons. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the construction plan of the HBIS steel project, MCC shows the responsibility as a state- owned company. Under the premise of handling well in epidemic prevention and control, MCC actively takes precise measures and overcomes the difficulties, and calls on the staff to actively promote the steel component production in order. The smooth progress of the project will play a positive role in promoting the establishment of "MCC steel structure brand" and help "made in Chongqing " steel structure to be known in international market.