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Work Resumption of "the Belt and Road" Project by the Cooperation of Local Government and Enterprise
Created time:2020-03-01

 At 12:00 p.m. on February 29, the cloudy sky suddenly became sunny. 10 migrant workers at the intersection of Wenyuan South Road in Changshou District were taking temperature measurements and checking their certificates, and they were driving to Chongqing Jiangbei Airport to go for Serbia. This is the second group of back-to-work workers of HBIS group Serbia Iron & Steel d.o.o. Beograd Technical Renovation Project which is contracted by China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.(MCC). Recently, the MCC and Changshou District Employment Bureau has been actively communicating with each other and taking measures to cope with COVID-19 epidemic situation. As a result, the green channel was established by the MCC and local government, which successfully helped 31 workers back to Serbia safely.

Traffic control is an essential measure to ensure the effective prevention and control of the epidemic, but it is a big problem for returning workers. At that time, there were few high-speed trains from Changshou District to Chongqing, and buses were out of service. How to return to work safely for migrant workers from Changshou to Serbia is a tough problem. Tian Maoquan, the Labor Director of HBIS group Serbia Iron & Steel d.o.o. Beograd Technical Renovation Project, actively communicated with the MCC and the Employment Bureau of Changshou District. With the active and effective communication between the local government and the MCC, the Transportation Bureau of Changshou District established a green channel, which helped those workers rent a charted bus and arrive in Chongqing in less than a day.

On February 29, Che Yumei, deputy director of Changshou District Employment and Human Resources Service Bureau, sent greetings and advice to 10 migrant workers one by one, and distributed masks, instant noodles, water and other food. During the trip to Jiangbei Airport, they were identified, health tested and asked to fill in the health records of passengers with the accompany of Che yumei. On the way, Liu Nian, the chief of the Archives Management Section of Migrant Workers, strictly followed the requirements of Epidemic Prevention Department and Transportation Management Department. The driver's cab was isolated to avoid direct contact between the driver and the migrant workers. The driver wore a mask all the way and implemented 24-hour monitoring. The bus is equipped with epidemic-prevention products. Before departure, the bus is thoroughly disinfected and ventilated. The migrant workers sat separately after getting on the bus to avoid direct contact on the way.

Sincere Advice and Deep Expectation

At 1:10 p.m. on February 29, the special bus arrived at Jiangbei Airport. At this time, Wang Zhendong, the manager who are in charge of production of overseas business of MCC, has been waiting at the airport, and successfully met up with the escorts of Changshou Employment Bureau. Wang Zhendong spoke highly of the courage and responsibility of migrant workers to return to work during the epidemic, and expressed sincere thanks to Changshou District Employment Bureau for the help. Considering the transfer and rest during the trip, the MCC also distributed the epidemic-prevention masks for the workers to ensure the safety of travel.
Before boarding, the staff of Musen labor service company, who organized workers to return to work, said with emotion: "from the plan of return until on the way, whether it's health examination, work certificate, special bus rental, food preparation, the government staff and the MCC have provided us with so many services and help. We are truly aware of the care of the government and enterprises for us workers and feel very warm. "
At 18:40, the return flight took off smoothly.
At 11 a.m. on March 1st, 10 workers from Changshou District successfully joined the first group of 26 workers who arrived on February 26th. They would go through a 14-day isolation observation period and then devote themselves to the construction of "the Belt and Road" project .