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Tian Guixiang visits the main leaders of Yinchuan municipal government to inspect and guide the projects under construction in Yinchuan area of the company
Created time:2020-04-04

 On April 3rd, Tian Guixiang, Secretary of the Party committee and president of the company, paid a visit to Yang Yujing, deputy secretary of the Yinchuan municipal Party committee and mayor of Yinchuan. The two sides held talks on continuously deepening cooperation, steadily promoting the resumption of construction projects and accelerating the settlement of completed projects, and reached a number of consensus.

Tian Guixiang thanked Yinchuan municipal government for the warm reception to the company. He pointed out that the company and Yinchuan municipal government have a deep and good foundation for cooperation. Both sides adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation and common development, and establish a cooperative relationship with the same goal and mutual trust. In recent years, with the cordial care and strong support of Yinchuan municipal Party committee and government, the company's project performance in Yinchuan area has attracted great attention, and its development prospects continue to be good. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the company attaches great importance to the work of resuming work in Yinchuan, and has rapidly mobilized key employees, organized special vehicles to send labor teams from other places to the site, and promptly prepared the fast growing production line situation under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention preparation, so as to ensure that the production of the project is not slack and the progress of the site is not delayed. It is hoped that Yinchuan municipal Party committee and municipal government will continue to strengthen the leadership, provide guidance and help for the company to do a good job in the current key and difficult work, and jointly promote the cooperation between government and enterprises to achieve novel development and form a novel situation.

Yang Yujing welcomed Tian Guixiang and his party. He pointed out that CMCC is a powerful and honest central enterprise. Since entering Yinchuan, it has undertaken a number of key projects and contributed an important force to the urban construction and social economic development of Yinchuan. Yinchuan, as an important central city in Northwest China, has a good business environment and development prospects. We hope that both sides will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation, formulate effective promotion measures based on the current work, further expand cooperation areas, expand cooperation achievements, and work together to promote the high-quality development of Yinchuan city.

Li Yongning, member of the Standing Committee of Yinchuan, Secretary of the political and legal committee. Li Hongru, member of the Standing Committee of Yinchuan, executive vice mayor. Chen kangren, vice mayor. Wang Qi, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee and director of the development and Reform Commission.pan Lingsheng, Secretary General of the municipal government and heads of relevant departments, Wu Xiangdong, deputy general manager and chief economist of the company, and relevant leaders of the Third company and the Real Estate company accompanied the meeting.

In the afternoon of that day, Tian Guixiang went to Yinchuan Shenyang Road expressway project and Jinfeng shantytown reconstruction Yingnan resettlement area phase IV project to check and guide the epidemic prevention and control and resuming work. At the project site, Tian Guixiang inquired about the epidemic prevention and control measures and the progress of production of project department in detail, and asked the project department to attach great importance to the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production, so as to make sure that both are on top of each other, and with a high sense of responsibility and mission, while ensuring the safety and quality, promote the project construction in an orderly manner, and establish a good corporate image.
On April 4th, during the inspection of MCC xingfuchen project, Tian Guixiang and the stuff all together stood in silent tribute for the sacrificed martyrs and Dead compatriots.
Wu Xiangdong, deputy general manager and chief economist of the company, and relevant persons in charge of the Third company and Real Estate company participated in the above activities.