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Provincial Governor of MEDEA, Algeria, Inspected the Project of 1657 for Guiding the Work
Created time:2018-10-27

On the afternoon of October 25th, 2018, accompanied by the general manager of OPGI and the leaders of relevant departments, the new governor of MEDEA visited the 1657 housing project undertaken by our company for inspection and guiding the work. The assistant of general manager, QI Shijin, Northwest African Regional responsible person, has leaded the whole reception process.
First of all, QI gave a detailed introduction to the governor of the project’s current billing, the submission of the incremental contract, the layout of the community under construction and the progress of the project. Then the governor expressed his high praise and affirmation to our project construction and the staff’s contribution. Meanwhile, He also put forward some requirements for the schedule and the quality control of the project. He expected that MCC could fulfill the relevant contractual commitments and deliver a part of the apartment at the end of 2018. QI promised the governor that our company will cooperate with the owner, OPGI, to further accelerate the construction progress and meet the relevant delivery requirements.