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YAO Jinchuan, Chairman of CMCC, Received the Foreign Trainees of 2018 “New silk road” Scholarship Training Program
Created time:2018-10-23

 On October 22nd 2018, YAO Jinchuan, the chairman of MCC, met with the foreign trainees of 2018“New silk road” Scholarship Training Program in the reception room on the 2nd floor of CMCC building. MA Yuchun, the vice-general manager of CMCC, secretary of the party committee of Overseas Business Department, hosted the meeting. Mr. LI Wenxin, the Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Chongqing Jiaotong University, and WANG Zhendong, the Deputy Secretary of the Overseas Business Department, attended the meeting.
“New Silk Road Project” is a powerful action carried by the Chongqing Municipal Government for strengthening the education cooperation with the countries along the “Belt and Road”. There’re 29 participants in this training program, mainly from government, enterprise engineering and technical personnel and business leaders from 8 countries, including Serbia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Israel and Jordan. During the meeting, Chairman Yao gave a detailed introduction to the trainee about the development history and current situation of our company, and also explained the current situation and future planning of the overseas market. After listening to the introduction, the trainees showed a great interests in the development of the company. With an eye focused on the company policies and the future plans, they had a heated discussion and raised many questions to the Chairman. Yao answered these questions one by one so that the trainees had a more comprehensive understanding of our company. Finally, the chairman set his high expectations for the trainees, hoping that they could play the role of bridge in cultural communication, construction cooperation and commercial exchange between China and their countries.
Through this communication, the trainees of 2018 new silk road scholarship training program will have a deeper understanding of our company and Chinese construction industry. The future cooperation will get further, our friendship will surely get closer and the overseas marketing will be expanded to a larger part of the world.