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Algeria’s 1400 Project Department Condolence Activities for Eid al-adha
Created time:2018-08-27

 Eid al-Adha is a traditional festival for Muslims. In response to the localization policy of CMCC, and to enhance the sense of belonging of Muslims employees’, Algeria’s 1400 project department launched condolence activities on August 21th, 2018.
In the afternoon of the Festival, the project administrators sent holiday condolence gifts and festival packets to every Algerian employees and show their best wished to employees. When Algerian employees received these gifts, they feel happy with joyful smile faces and sincerely appreciate the project department kindness. They said that they would always continue to support nation and religion policy of CPC, and do their work conscientiously in the future.
We hope that the distance between Chinese and Algerian employees can be shortened during these activities, and the friendship between China and Algeria can be enhanced.