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Mr. Tian Guixiang, the General Manager of CMCC went to Algeria for Condolence and Research Work
Created time:2018-08-11

From August 2nd to 7th, 2018, Mr Tian Guixiang, the general manager of China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd went to Algeria to conduct condolence and research work. Qi Shijin (the responsible person of Northwest Africa Region), assistant of general manager of the Overseas business department of CMCC.
During the visit, the general manager, Tian Guixiang paid a visit to Zhao Dongliang, counsellor of China Economical and Commercial Counsellor’s Office in Algeria, Chen Weiyuan, the general manager of Algeria Branch of Zhejiang Investment and Construction Group Co,. Ltd, and relevant personnel of CMCC international office in Algeria. In addition, he also inspected 1400 housing projects in Hegel, 1058 and 1657 1housing projects in Médéa for research work, and got a preliminary understanding of construction sites and construction planning of various projects. On behalf of CMCC, the general manager, Tian Guixiang expressed concern to all the employees in Algeria, which embodied the company’s humanistic care.
In this event, the general manager, Tian Guixiang has carried on a comprehensive survey from the aspects of humanistic care, political and economic environment, infrastructure development prospects, company external relationship maintenance, company development position in Algeria and boosting the confidence of employees, which aims at making suggestion and guidance to company position in Algeria and company development strategy. We believe that this survey would have an important influence on the company follow-up development in Algeria.