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CCTV Homeland Dreamland Focus on Ukraine Project of CMCC Ukraine Project
Created time:2018-08-09

On August 8th, Column group of Homeland Dreamland of CCTV Chinese International Channel has broadcast "The Belt and Road Initiative" special program with the title of Watch by the Black Sea. In this 45-minute program, the column group covered it in nearly 15 minutes for reporting Phase I residential project of Black Sea Seaside complex in Ukraine which was undertook by CMCC. From many angles and levels, it shows the achievements of China Metallurgical Construction Group in carrying out the national "The Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, and fully interprets the simple and heavy spirit of China Metallurgical Group, "No delay in one day and no slackness in one day."
Phase I residential project of Black Sea Seaside complex in Ukraine is located in Residential, Health and Recreation complex of No. 14 "Black Sea Seaside" of Feng Tan Ka Cun people's Friendship Street, Comintern International District, Odessa City, Ukraine including two high-rise homes and living service facilities. The effective sales area is 21700 m2. The project is a key project in Ukraine for CMCC. It is also the first general contracting project in Ukraine for CMCC, which is of strategic significance to the distribution of the company in the market of Central and Eastern Europe.
HOMELAND DREAMLAND is a large daily tourism column of China Central Television Chinese International Channel (CCTV-4). The channel also launched a large series of special program, named “The Belt and Road Initiative”. The column group takes the mission of “connecting China and foreign countries and communicating with world” to set up a global vision, to strive to let the whole world truly understand the “The Belt and Road Initiative”, and to express “peace, friendship, mutual benefit and win-win” concept, which highlights the spirit of time for “The Belt and Road Initiative” to create a destiny community, a responsibility community and a community of interests.