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The Company Hold the 2017 Meeting on the Principles
Created time:2016-12-12

On December 12, our company convened the 2017 meeting on the principles. Yao Jinchuan,the chairman and secretary of the party committee of company,presided over the meeting.He gave the speech that summarized and deployed company’s work.The leaders of our company attended and made discussion at the meeting.


The meeting summarized and evaluated the achievements in 2016, comprehensive analysed the new normal and new situation that our company’s development would faced, discussed and studied the existing issues. They also deployed the company to meet new challenges, seize new opportunities, and achieve new breakthroughs. This meeting formed new thinking and new measures about how how to build quality-benefit type enterprise.Besieds, this meeting also formed the strategic planning and overall design about how to create a new situation in 2017 work .
The meeting included both the macro guidance on the level of strategy, and the specific requirements for the actual level. It’s rich in content and far-reaching significance,and has the important implications for the steady development and long-time security of the company.