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Enterprise Culture

Cultural Concept
Development visions:  

To build an EPC special-graded enterprise which occupies” First-class in China, first place in Chongqing”.
To build a “global first-class enterprise” with international competitiveness.

The essence of enterprise culture:  

Honesty and trustworthy, endless pursuit.

The mission of enterprise:  

Creating value for customers, producing wealth for the society, paying off rewards for the shareholder, building future for the staff.

The core of enterprise culture:  

The pursuit of business success and work improvement is our greatest pleasure and enjoyment.

The spirit of enterprise:  

Unity,innovation,integrity and pragmatic. “Unity is our strength, innovation is our motivation, Integrity is our fundamental requirement , Pragmatic is our way of work.”

Quality policy:  

To build contemporaneous boutique architecture with our honest, intelligence and aspire of better.

Ten Culture Concepts:  

【Management Culture】
”Costumers come first, we always spare no effort to manage the enterprise in case meeting their requirement.” This is the key of our management culture.
【Study Culture】
We require our staff to achieve the target “Learning while working and study hard as work.” And that’s why we put practicing what we’ve learnt in a very important place.
【Innovation Culture】
“Encouraging innovation, bolding innovation, being good at innovation, laying stress at practicality” is the fundamental requirement of our innovation culture.
【Quality Culture】
“To build contemporaneous boutique architecture with our honest, intelligence and pursue of better.” is our quality policy and also our quality requirement.
【Safety Culture】
“People oriented, safety first; crucial precaution, comprehensive government ”is our safety policy. Our enterprise devote ourselves to possess standardization management and civilized construction, at the same time we try hard to build friendly environment.
【Financing Culture】
“Work hard to manage the enterprise, start a career industriously and thriftily, calculate carefully and meticulously” is the basic requirement of our financing culture.
【Incorruptibility Culture】
“When we work we should do things without corruption, manage enterprise without corruption and also strictly manage officials.” We are always proud of incorruptibility and shame on corruption.
【Efficiency Culture】
Our efficiency culture requires every of our staff to work faster and better, to pursue perfection, to achieve further goal and to enhance efficiency.
【Introspection Culture】
“Being good at thinking and summarizing, finding questions, analyzing question and solving problems, self-improving and self-promoting, developing fine harmless. ” is our fundamental requirement of introspection culture.
【Honesty Culture 】
“Be honest to motherland, be honest to organization, be honest to enterprise , be honest to operating post” is our fundamental requirement of honesty culture.