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Human Resource Strategy

To make the human resource plan in accordance with the development strategy of the company and the guiding ideology is to control the quantity, adjust the structure and improve the quality. The general principle for personnel arrangement is to know the people and provide him the right position, to take advantage of his specialty and avoid his shortcomings, to put the company’s profit first and to take career as the most important matter. We should stick to public recruitment and equal competitiveness, and the employees should have morality and talent at the same time and morality counts first, and we should arrange people to work on different positions and make them compound talents.

Til the end of July, 2016, we have 871 employees who own high and middle level professional and technical posts, among which 14 are professor level senior engineers and 3 enjoy the special allowance of the state council. There are 208 workers who are technicians and above levels, and many of them were rewarded Chief Technicians of MCC, Top 10 Technicians of Chongqing, National Technicians and so on. We have 643 employees who own different categories of qualification, including 545 registered constructors, 11 registered architects, 4 registered soil engineers, 13 registered structure engineers, 13 public engineers, and among which 5 are for water supply and drainage, 2 are for HVAC, 2 are for engineering and 4 are for electricity supply. More over, we have 4 registered planners, 18 registered budgeting specialists and 35 registered safety engineers.